Criminal Records Removal

If you have ever been arrested or charged with any criminal act in Georgia, no matter how minor, you almost surely have a “criminal record” where employers, potential landlords (apartments, etc.) and many other people can find the record of your arrest or charge, even if you were totally innocent or it was dismissed almost immediately. Unfortunately, most employers and rental companies regard finding even a simple record of an arrest or charge as disqualifying, regardless of the outcome (which most of the reports they get don’t even show!).

Fortunately, the Georgia legislature, with help and encourgement from the Georgia Justice Project, radically revised Georgia’s criminal record “expungement” laws effective July 1, 2013. “Expungement” is basically just the legal term for “removal.” Now almost every possible criminal charge other than an actual conviction can be removed not only from your “official” criminal record, your “GCIC.” We can also now use the new law to get a Superior Court Order for all records of the charge or charges to be removed from the actual original court and jail records!

This is important because private “criminal record database” companies comb through all of the original court records in the Court Clerk’s office and jails of every county in Georgia, and even if an arrest or charge is not even in your GCIC, it is probably in one or more of those private “databases.”

With the new law, we can now take the steps for you necessary to remove all of those blemishes on your reputation and life once and for all. And once we get the “official” records expunged, we can use laws like the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) to force the “private” criminal record database companies to purge them from their own database. If you don’t qualify for an expungement, and have had a clean record for the last five years, we can apply for a pardon for you.

We are a lawfirm with years of experience in criminal defense and the criminal justice system, consumer protection litigation, and civil litigation. To effectively get criminal records removed from all sources, including the private “database” companies, a lawfirm with knowledge and experience in all three areas is needed. Very few lawfirms have the expertise needed in all three of these areas. However we do, and are uniquely qualified to do everything for you to get any old criminal records removed everywhere.