Criminal Defense

When you need a criminal defense lawyer, you need the best! You need experience and proven results. You need Pekor & Associates, LLC, Criminal Defense Lawyers. Our senior partner, Chuck Pekor is a former Senior Federal Prosecutor with over 200 jury trials. In addition to Chuck you get an entire team of experienced criminal defense lawyers and investigators.

Have you been arrested in Atlanta or anywhere in Geogia? Then you need to call Pekor & Associates and speak to one of the criminal defense attorneys at Pekor & Associates. Our goal from the start is to get your case dismissed or reduced. The Georgia criminal defense attorneys at Pekor & Associates have been handling criminal cases since 1973. Chuck Pekor is a former senior Georgia prosecutor. Our criminal defense attorney team is each a certified member of the Georgia Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Whether you were arrested for an assault, theft, possession of drugs or DUI in Atlanta or the surounding counties and cities, or anywhere in Georgia, each of these charges, if convicted, can have significant consequences. Besides the very real possiblty of serving time in prison with almost any criminal charge these days, we live in a computer age now and it has become very easy for employers to do criminal background checks that will show any misdemeanor and felony convictions. This is why it’s very important that you get an experienced criminal defense attorney in Atlanta to handle your case in any of the courts in the greater Atlanta metro area, or anywhere in Georgia.