Consumer Debt Defense

Our primary focus is representing and defending consumers in consumer debt cases, including individuals being sued for an alleged old credit card debt by a “third party debt collector.” This also includes defending people who have been sued for money alledgedly owed after a car repossession, health club membership, and “private” credit cards, and similiar things. Many people are being sued for thousands of dollars by companies—known as “third party debt buyercollectors”—to which they do not owe anything even though they may have in fact owed some amount of money to an original creditor like a bank or credit card company at some time in the past. Usually these companies will claim to be the current “owner” of the debt or account. While being sued by a debt collector can be a stressful experience, there are legal steps you can take to protect your assets and have the claims against you dismissed. None of our clients have ever had to pay any money to a third party debt collector.

If you are contacted or sued by one of these credit card or car debt collection companies, the key thing to know is whatever they may tell you, these companies do not want to help you. Our experience is that generally they don’t even care if you are not actually even the correct “debtor” – they just want to extract money from you. Call us for a free consultation before you have any dealings with them, and certainly beofore you pay them anything, or sign anything they may want you to sign.