Civil Litigation

In the area of civil litigation, Pekor & Associates represent people who have suffered injuries in automobile, trucking, railroad or aviation accidents, at the workplace, or whose civil rights have been violated by wrongful arrests by businesses or the government or in other ways. We also have a very active practice defending consumers who have been victimized by a lawsuit by so-called “3rd Party Debt Collectors” who buy old debt for often less than a penny on the dollar and sue unsuspecting consumers, usually without any legal basis for the suit.
Our major areas of civil litigation are catastrophic personal injury litigation, wrongful death litigation, nursing home abuse or death, products liability, complex financial or “white collar” crime litigation and civil rights, and consumer protection. We sometimes take commercial or business litigation when we feel our clients cause is just.
We take legal action based on products liability for injury or caused by defective products – automobiles, equipment, toys, medical prostheses, pharmaceuticals, household products, etc. We represent people who are the victims of toxic exposures (poisoning of the air, water, soil, workplace, etc.), employment discrimination, and bad faith execution of contracts by insurance companies, business entities, and service providers. We also represent many people who are victims of civil rights violations by law enforcement , corporations or the government, including wrongful arrest, injuries sustained while in custody, and police abuse.

We are proud of our legacy of excellence and success in these areas. We provide high-quality legal expertise, resources and support representing ordinary people who may have limited or no financial means to devote to the cost of litigation. Most of our personal injury civil litigation is handled on a “contingency fee” basis – if we do not win a monetary award for our client, we charge nothing for our services.